iPhone 5? Get in line

It’s bigger, faster, thinner and just better. It’s not Superman on a diet, it’s the new iPhone 5.

Revealed September 12, the iPhone 5 will be released to its adoring line-enduring fans September 21 to the tune of $200 (a cheap buy when compared to the original iPhone 8GB version which sold for three times as much according to engadget).

This reveal has sparked numerous nerds and geeks into planning for their nighttime vigil outside Apple stores across the country, a trend that is not just limited to the new iPhone 5 but is a common event for movie openings, video game releases, DVD releases and now phones.

According to a USA Today article by Jefferson Graham, there are already eager innovators lined up outside Apple stores in New York. One fan, Jessica Mellow has been in line since Thursday Sept. 13. Waiting a week and day is nothing compared to her two-week stint waiting for the iPhone 4s. Why would anyone wait a week or more just for a new piece of hardware?

As a dedicated gamer, moviegoer and all around geek, I can only say that I’ve waited in line for midnight movie showings a couple of times and never wait in line for games or phones. Remember each movie experience I can say that I was never once disappointed (well I did go see Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull) but otherwise each movie presented a new experience with fantastic people cavorting in crazy, creative costumes.

By far the best midnight showing had to be the premiere of Spiderman 3 at the Ohio State University Campus. To promote the film, various fans dressed up as the famed webbed-wonder and his nemesis Venom to entertain and delight the patient crowd. I went with my college roommates and while the movie was entertaining, it was the people and the time spent in line that I remember the most.


While most see waiting in line as a tedious waste of time, I can see the appeal (albeit not a two-week long appeal). However, this chance to wait with others who enjoy your favorite past time provides fans, nerds and overall geeks a chance to converge and converse.

But there are those who line up solely for the title of being the “first” in line. An article from the website digitaltrends reports that fans are even vying to take photographs holding a sign saying “1st in line for iPhone 5” while sitting in a fold-out chair outside the Manhattan-based Apple store.

It’s like a rite of passage for any upcoming techie and I’ll admit it was almost like a ticket into the “cool club” when I could state that I had been to numerous midnight showings. It’s like receiving your green card only a geek card to prove you legitimately belong to the club.

So, have you ever waited in line or been to a midnight release? What was your experience like? Let me know in the comments or via twitter!


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