Childhood to College

picturesAs an alumnus of the Ohio State University, I was always impressed with the marching band’s performances at the start of every game, but never have I been as impressed as I was during the game against Nebraska.

The band begins the show with an ode to one of the most memorable and early video games: Space Invaders and moves on to more modern classics such as Pokemon, Halo and of course the Italian plumber himself, Mario. The band played about 10 minutes worth of classic video game themes such as the Mario theme, Zelda and Pac Man themes.

This isn’t the first time that video game music has entered the “popular” culture. Video games even made it to the Olympics or at least the music made it. Elsa Garcia, a gymnast form Mexico used a violin rendition of the Legend of Zelda theme to accompany her floor routine at the 2012 London Olympic games. According to the article by her sister, Laura Garcia Rodriguez Blancas, choosing the music was their own temple of time.

When Lisa played Lindsey Sterling’s “Zelda Medley” she fondly remembers “I pointed out it was music from the game that had taken up so many hours of our childhood and I saw her face light up with a huge smile through Skype.” (Kotaku)

This quote epitomizes exactly what video games are for college and yes even grad students.

Most of today’s college or grad students grew up with videogames in their household and continue that habit today with 70 percent of college students saying they casually game (Check out this great Pew report). In addition, the Pew report claims that 60 percent of children six years and older play video games (reported in 2002). So these children are now either 16 or older a time when they are either getting ready for college or already attending.

As a grad student, I can still say that video games have impacted and continue to impact my life. It’s a way for me to connect to friends and make new memories as well as reconnect to my childhood adventures. College is a time of constant change, new quests, adventures, levels and companions; thus it’s only natural to look back at the familiar and for some to wish to go back to a carefree time of video games, late nights and LAN parties.

Through its performance, the marching band not only recreated past virtual adventures to honor video games but to honor childhood nostalgia. 


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