Mini Mobility


Apple has released yet another version of its iPad only this time it’s not the 5th generation, rather this generation is all about the minis.

Released Nov. 2, the iPad mini is the product of the mini tablets influence on the tech-juggernaut known as Apple. Priced at $329 it is easily the most expensive tablet, mini or otherwise on the market. What garners that incredible price point? The ability to buy a smaller, more compact version of an incredible technology.

Like its technological forefathers, the iPad is continuing the trend of smaller is better.  When a new technology is produced it is usually much larger than at the end of its product life cycle. Take for instance the classic computer which filled an entire room (the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator).

While not taking up an entire room, the iPod classic was a hefty 4 inches when it was introduced in 2001. Now, 11 years later, the iPad mini, standing at 7 inches, packs the entire computing process in a tablet the size of your hand.

But at what point does this smaller is better mentality change to a bigger is better perspective? Whenever a new technology is introduced. The smaller is better arises when a company has nothing else to add to the current technology so the next best thing is to make it smaller. We’ve seen this with computers, MP3 players even TVs to a certain degree. It’s all about differentiating the product while at the same time following the curve of competition. But are you comfortable with the minis?

Personally, I enjoy the smaller formats to an extent. Having poor eyesight without contacts and feeling like my eyes are a desert after staring at a computer screen for hours is not a pleasant experience and is made worse by my squinting to see a tiny screen. However, tech companies have planned for this with larger font but that just gets in the way. I have an Acer netbook which I love but it frustrates me to no end when Facebook suddenly enlarges and I have to scroll all over the place to see messages, pokes or even my newsfeed. I love the portable aspect but not always the effect the size has on my eyes.

But I thought the iPad was a good compromise between size and portability. It would take away the heft of even a netbook but still deliver a sizeable screen. Now, I’m not so sure I would want to use it for word processing…games sure, but as you can tell from this blog I’ve got enough consoles to last me a lifetime. In essence, I enjoy smaller formats for mobile gaming but for my main computer use, messages (email and Facebook) I prefer a larger format to see everything.

Do you think minis are for you? What do you enjoy about the experience or how would you create the next best mini mobile technology?


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